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This community is for podfic meta -- what's an effective way to use music, are certain stories more podficcable than others, what tagging data is good and where should it go, for instance -- and podfic reviews. The goal is not to come to a single consensus about what makes a good podfic, but to articulate and debate aesthetic theories about podfic, in the same way that we articulate and debate aesthetic theories about television shows, music, movies, and, to a sadly lesser extent, fanfiction and other fanactivity.

This community is not for concrit or recommendations; those are valuable, but they also lead the discussion to a really producer-centered place. This comm is for those who like meta discussion and podfic, without regard to whether they read, edit, or listen.
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All the things I know about obtaining the best possible sound quality using Garageband. Deals with popular question: "how do I eliminate background noise" (spoiler: the solution is probably not what you want to hear.) What are your feelings when it comes to sound quality?

Tutorial suitable for users running Garageband versions prior to Garageband X (came out with Mavericks) that has stripped out podcasts as a function. X's interface is completely different, sorry.
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Hi, all! I created a bit of meta about what my thought process is as an artist when I am turning the author's words and character headspace into a performance. It involves me reading a section of a fic I'm currently podficcing a few different ways. The fic is In the Stretch, by sophiahelix, who gave me permission to post this meta.

This is a 500 word section of a baseball rpf fic, pairing Tim Lincecum/Buster Posey. The rating for this scene would be R for sexual content. No AO3 archive warnings apply. Buster is distracted at batting practice by the memory of what happened with Timmy the night before.

It's all one file, but has a few sections, so I'll give the timestamps here, which will have the dual purpose of also being a sort of an outline for you to know what is in the meta.

DL link (with an option to stream) here.

0:00 I introduce my project and what the goals are.
1:36 Take 1. An edited reading of the scene without "performing." Just the author's words, read aloud.
4:08 I discuss what you just heard and introduce what Take 2 will be.
5:22 Take 2, a raw cut of me doing the same scene but as a performance. Includes "director's cut" commentary interspersed throughout the takes.
18:20 My concluding remarks.
19:37 Take 3. An edited retake of the whole scene where I attempt to incorporate all the things I mentioned in Take 2.
22:37 End.

Would love to hear thoughts on this meta, and also I encourage others to make a director's cut of a scene they are working on. I'd love to do it again, next time in a scene with more dialogue. Oh, and if you're interested in the full podfic of this phenomenal fic, it's coming! It's 40k and I'm through recording and editing 20k, so the whole thing will be posted in a couple of weeks. <3
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So, permission statements and/or transformative works policies. Extraordinarily handy things, cause of so much confusion and controversy. Here’s a guide for what to do if your stance on podfic and permission statements are anything less than “yes, please, everything!” written by me, [personal profile] maryaminx, and everything here is the opinion of me and me alone.

Read more... )
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So, between tracking the previous post here and being an ffa reader, I'm a little worn down by permission angst (not in a "Stop talking about it" sort of way... just sayin' :) ). Can we have some shiny, happy meta to balance our chi?

I don't have a couple paragraphs in me on any particular topic, but have a bullet list of some of the ways podfic has made me happy lately.
  • The way a good podfic can take a story that might seem sort of… non-descript or… “nice enough” if I were just reading to myself, and through the magic of pacing and delivery, make me see that it's really a pretty powerful piece

  • Readers who are laid-back and easygoing and soothing in their reading

  • Readers who really dig into the prose, rolling the words around and having fun with the language

  • Intense scenes where the reader is really "in the moment" and has me holding my breath

  • The times when a reader totally nails a character’s voice or inflection – even if they sound nothing like the actual character, otherwise

  • The times when the writing style and reader delivery combine to totally nail the tone of source material

  • When a line mentions someone giving a huff of laughter, and the reader reads the line with an actual huff of laughter (or other non-verbal vocal ticks.)

  • The occasional little editing oopsy that sneaks into an otherwise pristine podfic… always makes me smile :)

  • All the subtle inflections in my own readings that no one else will ever notice but that are special to me because of all the takes that came before that weren't *quite* right somehow

  • The magic of fixing a reading gaffe by parsing in a few words or even just a syllable from a different "take" and having the edit turn out undetectable

  • Cool podfic covers

  • Comments (duh :) )

  • Actually, now that I think about it, there's also something really satisfying about GIVING comments in podfic-dom, too... knowing how rare they are.

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*waves* Hi!

[community profile] welovepodfic is starting soon and it reminded me that I've been meaning to link to the post I wrote for [community profile] pod_aware this year about feedback, and never did.

The post was born as a write-up/continuation of a Twitter discussion where someone asked for concrete tips on the kind of feedback podficcers appreciated, and contains my own preferences and thoughts on the subject, especially as a non-native podficcer:

Pod-Aware meta: story love, body love, performance love

All comments welcome! :)
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I am wondering if anyone has taken podfics that have already been recorded and taken snippets and turned it into a new story.  I just made my first podfic with music and, to be totally honest, I would have done something completely different (and may still yet) if I hadn't felt constrained by the conventions of what I've seen.  I'd love to play with other people's voices and words, to mash it up and make something new.

Also, anyone know about American copyright laws and if using a couple seconds of a song in a podfic is a copyright violation? I figured that it wouldn't be because I know you can do that with vidding, but now I'm all in a twist about it because dh thought it was a copyright violation. 

(Mods, not sure if it's ok to post this question here, so I'm happy to delete if it's not. Thanks!)
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So, I've recorded two tiny pieces that I wrote and I'm looking at doing someone else's work (for kink bingo reasons).  I am wondering, hypothetically at the moment, about people's thoughts on recording stories in fandoms one knows nothing about.  As in, hasn't seen the source, has never read any fanfic or listened to podfic about it.  Does that matter, do you think?
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There's currently a discussion post going on at [community profile] fanlore about how podfic entries should be made. I'd really appreciate hearing more opinions from podficcers on the matter.

A little background on the situation )
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I know a while back there was some interest in doing a whole Podfic convention. INstead of doing that Dr_Fumbles_McStupid and I were wondering if there would be an interest in doing a number of small fandom related panels at Phoenix Comic Con. Below are some polls asking about interest. If you have any panel ideas or comments please feel free to share them :)

So this is a post to judge the interest in possibly getting a grouping of Panels dedicated to fandom topics at Phoenix Comic Con.

Would you be interested in going to Phoenix Comic Con for a small grouping of Fandom Panels?

What panels would you be interested in?

Woud you be interested in hosting a panel?

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So before I even got into podficcing, I had the opportunity to do some voice acting. I put together a post at my journal comparing the two different experiences and how they are similar/different if anyone is interested. the post can be found here.
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 hey guys, I just posted a tutorial for podficcing with an ipad and external mike over at my journal. go check it out if you are interested :)
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More Information

KISSES II is a multifandom f/f podfic fest in celebration of the upcoming International Day of Femmeslash (July 14th). Join us as we kiss and tell!
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Open for sign ups June 18 to June 30 on DW and LJ

[community profile] pod_together is open for another round this year! It's a comm where authors and podficcers join together to create works together! Come check us out.
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Hey hey, I just wrote up an entry detailing what my podfic posting process is like at the moment, and then I thought it'd be cool to know about yours too, so I'm coming over here to ask the question and open the floor. Tell me (us) what you do and how you do it - if you're so inclined! I can't wait to hear it. :)
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  What is your stance on recording kinkmeme fills?

If no one has claimed the fic in question and any attempt at finding the author has been in vain? Is it ever ok to record a fic without the authors permission?

Does/should the age of the fill matter? (as in, is it alright to pod a fill that's years old but not one that was finished six months ago?)

I'm following a few kinkmemes, and while I think that some of them are really good and written in a  way that lends itself to podding, I'm unsure of what to think of someone recording them or even what the community as a whole thinks of it. 
To me, recording a fic without an all clear from the author is something that just isn't done.
But if the author is anonymous does that still apply?

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I've been following other people doing [livejournal.com profile] podfic_bingo and noticed that there was a square for "read a fic cold". So I started wondering; is that something people don't usually do?

I'll admit to the fact that the majority of my podfics are read cold. There's a very simple reason for that, I very rarely re-read stories, and if I do, it's usually when it's been long enough since I first read it that I don't really remember it anymore (this is also the reason why I almost never listen to podfic of fic I've previously read). Mostly because it's very hard to concentrate on a story I'm already familiar with, my attention starts wandering. I love podficcing, but even for that it's an effort to read something a second time. So if there's blanket permission and the fic seems like something I want to read, I'll record it. That does mean that if it turns out I don't like the fic after all, I'll drop the whole thing however far I've gotten (which is to say that even if I read cold, if I podficced your story, I liked your story).

So, I'm curious, how do others feel about recording something cold?
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So, the other day myself and [personal profile] argentumlupine had a brief discussion about how the way people read picture books and stories to us when we were younger influenced our reading style. [personal profile] argentumlupine said that she thought her character voices might have been influenced by her Mom. This got me thinking, does anyone else think they're reading style was influenced by the way they were told stories when they were younger? Personally, I think the way I read was influenced by the way my Dad told bedtime stories to me when I was small. Has anyone else found something similar? Do you think anything in particular has influenced your reading style?
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Sign ups are now open for [community profile] podfic_bingo (LJ|DW)

What is Podfic Bingo?
When you sign up for Podfic Bingo, you'll be given a bingo card with a number of podficcing challenges on it. The point is to push you to try different things when podficcing. Maybe push you out of your comfort zone and to try different styles in a safe learning environment. If you've always wanted to try something different when podficcing, this comm can be your excuse!

You'll have till the end of the year to work on your card.

See our FAQs for more info (LJ|DW)


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