Feb. 10th, 2012

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Question for podficcers, certainly not prompted by anything that happened to me today: Have you ever accidentally burst into tears while recording a podfic? (Or, conversely, have you ever tried to make yourself cry or fake it for a particular scene?) I had some disjointed thoughts about how different the experience of a story is when you read it on a computer screen vs. listen to it vs. perform it yourself. Stronger emotional responses to a human presence vs. the clinical detachment of text, even though the words are the same. Not sure that was going anywhere other than: why podfic is awesome.

I don't recall ever hearing anyone else cry in podfic, so I'm left wondering how it would sound -- would it add authenticity to the scene or just be embarrassing or maybe not even sound like crying at all? Would the sound of someone who had obviously been crying only work for dialog and not narration?


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