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When Did It All Begin?

I was looking at the Fanlore page on podfic and realized there was no section on how/when podfic developed. I started a history section, but don't actually know enough to fill it in, so I thought I would ask for help here. (I hope that's okay.)

Is there continuity between the podfic community and older forms of fanfic audio recording? Have any current podficcers ever made analog audiofic on tape (or distributed their digital recordings on CD)? When was the term "podfic" coined? (I see the [ profile] podslash community on lj started in 2005. And it uses the term podcast instead of podfic. Is that the earliest podfic comm? Meanwhile, [ profile] audiofic, which started in 2006, calls it fic on tape or audiofic.) I speculated a while ago that podfic (the community and the term) came about because of podcasting and didn't have any connection with earlier fanfic recording activity, but I haven't done a thorough study or anything.
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there are older podfics out there (that predate the term), but they were distributed on burned cds (and presumably, before that. cassettes). i've come across them for xena, very definitely, and i know i've seen something star trekkish as well, somewhere. my guess is that since filk are a *much* older fanwork form, that podfic developed alongside that, though the only dates i can state authoritatively (for the xena audiofic) were ~1996ish. there was no air of newness around that, though, so i am thinking that the people who would know are people who were involved in surface mail & convention oriented fandom.

i have a bunch of links from when i was researching but i am pretty sure they're on another computer. i haven't added anything earlier than 2004 to the audiofic archive largely because tracking down the readers, authors, and distributors for the files distributed on cd/cassette has proven near-impossible. it's a lot like zine-fic vs lj-fic -- they're both fic, but you may have a really hard time finding any of the former as a digital file.

i also think that podfic has a lot in common with the fannish audio plays that star trek and doctor who fans have been creating since the early '70s - big finish audio started as a fan production, for example. so i suspect talking to people who were involved in works like that might turn up some really early podfic.
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oh also! rageprufrock's first podfics were in '04, too, i think.

and i have never had any impression that podfic (as a community or as a term) came from podcasting, or was connected. it's been closely branded as podfic partly because audiofic already was out there (with some usage, and more often as audiofiction) for non-fanworks. podfic, as a new term, was more clearly fannish, situationally. that said, there's a reason i called the audiofic archive that, and not the podfic archive -- it's also closely tied to apple products, and the risk of a perceptional barrier seemed problematic.
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my first podfic is from 2002, but distributed under lock only, and I don't think I was calling it a podfic then. I need to check my posts around that time... yeah, december 2002, I'm not calling it a podfic at all.