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When Did It All Begin?

I was looking at the Fanlore page on podfic and realized there was no section on how/when podfic developed. I started a history section, but don't actually know enough to fill it in, so I thought I would ask for help here. (I hope that's okay.)

Is there continuity between the podfic community and older forms of fanfic audio recording? Have any current podficcers ever made analog audiofic on tape (or distributed their digital recordings on CD)? When was the term "podfic" coined? (I see the [ profile] podslash community on lj started in 2005. And it uses the term podcast instead of podfic. Is that the earliest podfic comm? Meanwhile, [ profile] audiofic, which started in 2006, calls it fic on tape or audiofic.) I speculated a while ago that podfic (the community and the term) came about because of podcasting and didn't have any connection with earlier fanfic recording activity, but I haven't done a thorough study or anything.
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my first podfic is from 2002, but distributed under lock only, and I don't think I was calling it a podfic then. I need to check my posts around that time... yeah, december 2002, I'm not calling it a podfic at all.