Jun. 27th, 2013

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So, between tracking the previous post here and being an ffa reader, I'm a little worn down by permission angst (not in a "Stop talking about it" sort of way... just sayin' :) ). Can we have some shiny, happy meta to balance our chi?

I don't have a couple paragraphs in me on any particular topic, but have a bullet list of some of the ways podfic has made me happy lately.
  • The way a good podfic can take a story that might seem sort of… non-descript or… “nice enough” if I were just reading to myself, and through the magic of pacing and delivery, make me see that it's really a pretty powerful piece

  • Readers who are laid-back and easygoing and soothing in their reading

  • Readers who really dig into the prose, rolling the words around and having fun with the language

  • Intense scenes where the reader is really "in the moment" and has me holding my breath

  • The times when a reader totally nails a character’s voice or inflection – even if they sound nothing like the actual character, otherwise

  • The times when the writing style and reader delivery combine to totally nail the tone of source material

  • When a line mentions someone giving a huff of laughter, and the reader reads the line with an actual huff of laughter (or other non-verbal vocal ticks.)

  • The occasional little editing oopsy that sneaks into an otherwise pristine podfic… always makes me smile :)

  • All the subtle inflections in my own readings that no one else will ever notice but that are special to me because of all the takes that came before that weren't *quite* right somehow

  • The magic of fixing a reading gaffe by parsing in a few words or even just a syllable from a different "take" and having the edit turn out undetectable

  • Cool podfic covers

  • Comments (duh :) )

  • Actually, now that I think about it, there's also something really satisfying about GIVING comments in podfic-dom, too... knowing how rare they are.


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