Sep. 18th, 2013

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Hi, all! I created a bit of meta about what my thought process is as an artist when I am turning the author's words and character headspace into a performance. It involves me reading a section of a fic I'm currently podficcing a few different ways. The fic is In the Stretch, by sophiahelix, who gave me permission to post this meta.

This is a 500 word section of a baseball rpf fic, pairing Tim Lincecum/Buster Posey. The rating for this scene would be R for sexual content. No AO3 archive warnings apply. Buster is distracted at batting practice by the memory of what happened with Timmy the night before.

It's all one file, but has a few sections, so I'll give the timestamps here, which will have the dual purpose of also being a sort of an outline for you to know what is in the meta.

DL link (with an option to stream) here.

0:00 I introduce my project and what the goals are.
1:36 Take 1. An edited reading of the scene without "performing." Just the author's words, read aloud.
4:08 I discuss what you just heard and introduce what Take 2 will be.
5:22 Take 2, a raw cut of me doing the same scene but as a performance. Includes "director's cut" commentary interspersed throughout the takes.
18:20 My concluding remarks.
19:37 Take 3. An edited retake of the whole scene where I attempt to incorporate all the things I mentioned in Take 2.
22:37 End.

Would love to hear thoughts on this meta, and also I encourage others to make a director's cut of a scene they are working on. I'd love to do it again, next time in a scene with more dialogue. Oh, and if you're interested in the full podfic of this phenomenal fic, it's coming! It's 40k and I'm through recording and editing 20k, so the whole thing will be posted in a couple of weeks. <3


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