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taste_of_water ([personal profile] taste_of_water) wrote in [community profile] podficmeta2012-04-14 05:16 pm

Kinkmeme fics, to pod or not to pod?

  What is your stance on recording kinkmeme fills?

If no one has claimed the fic in question and any attempt at finding the author has been in vain? Is it ever ok to record a fic without the authors permission?

Does/should the age of the fill matter? (as in, is it alright to pod a fill that's years old but not one that was finished six months ago?)

I'm following a few kinkmemes, and while I think that some of them are really good and written in a  way that lends itself to podding, I'm unsure of what to think of someone recording them or even what the community as a whole thinks of it. 
To me, recording a fic without an all clear from the author is something that just isn't done.
But if the author is anonymous does that still apply?

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