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k_town ([personal profile] k_town) wrote in [community profile] podficmeta2012-09-20 10:18 pm

Interest in a small grouping of fandom Panels a Phoenix comic con

I know a while back there was some interest in doing a whole Podfic convention. INstead of doing that Dr_Fumbles_McStupid and I were wondering if there would be an interest in doing a number of small fandom related panels at Phoenix Comic Con. Below are some polls asking about interest. If you have any panel ideas or comments please feel free to share them :)

So this is a post to judge the interest in possibly getting a grouping of Panels dedicated to fandom topics at Phoenix Comic Con.

Would you be interested in going to Phoenix Comic Con for a small grouping of Fandom Panels?

What panels would you be interested in?

Woud you be interested in hosting a panel?

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