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Podfic reader: dodificus
Podfic details: Taking Liberties by thehoyden
Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster
Pairing / Rating: Jeeves/Wooster, R
Links: m4b, mp3

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Podfic reader: Nny
Podfic details: Ways to Die in the Pegasus Galaxy by Crysothemis
Fandom: SGA
Pairing / Rating: John/Rodney, NC-17
Links: Podfic here Original story: here

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Here's my entry in the 2010 Podfic Critical Feedback Exchange! :)

Podfic: [Method Acting (mp3)] and [audiobook (m4b)]
Read and written by: [ profile] malnpudl
Etc: NCIS, Tony DiNozzo/Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NC-17, 22:37, mp3: 7.7 MB, m4b: 10.7 MB, ~3900 words
Contains: [skip] Dubious consent and forced voyeurism of the the bad guys make them have sex to prove their cover sort.
Author Summary: Porny "fuck or die" undercover-in-a-gay-nightclub cliché!fic, with only the vaguest semblance of plot.
My Notes (story): The story does what it says on the tin. I actually would really love follow-up story(ies), both for the case and the relationship, which IMO says that there must have been some plot along with the porn here :)

[ link to Fish Echo's critique of 'Method Acting' on Dreamwidth]

[ link to Fish Echo's critique of 'Method Acting' on LiveJournal]

And if you have feedback on how I do my feedback, I am interested in that too! Or maybe you also have thoughts on this podfic which you'd like to share? :)

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