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Huh, interesting. I was kind of amused that audiobook readers would record erotica under a pseudonym--wouldn't you recognize their voices anyway? I've never listened to a porny professional audiobook, and I'd be interested to see what the difference was compared to podfic.
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I would imagine the differences would be the same as the differences between non-explicit podfic and non-explicit audiobooks, that is to say, the one big difference is that audiobooks tend to be a little cleaner, because they're recorded in studios and there's at least one other person checking for gaffes, and they're much more consistent about using different voices/ways of speaking for different characters. I think this is because a lot of audiobook readers are also actors, so they approach it as an acting job instead of a recounting a story job. But that's my just so story in my head, I could be wrong.

Also, I suspect that readers who are concerned enough about erotica to use a pseudonym are not so concerned about the people who are listening to the erotica audiobook long enough to identify them, they're concerned about the people doing a web search on their name and not wanting to cast them as grandma in a movie because they've done porn.

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To me, the difference is also that I feel like professional audiobook readers often sound more distanced from what they're reading? Podfic comes more from a place of love, which shines through in the reading for me. So I'd be interested in how that affects sex scenes.
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Thanks for the pdf!
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Interesting, they gave a lot of the same reasons fans generally give for enjoying porny podfic. Which makes sense, but was still interesting to read.

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