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An invitation

I have been interested for a while in remixing podfics. I have one thing I am going to try to do, but have been somewhat blocked in other regards. So, if you want to remix podfics and have been feeling the same way (ie, lack of podfics to play with), feel free to use anything I have written and then podded. I recently podded several Merlin fics for the [personal profile] camelotremix challenge.

You can find all my podfics at AO3 here: [ profile] readbyjela 

 I don't care what you do with them. If you are interested, go for it and have fun!
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[personal profile] susan_voight 2014-05-08 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
Alas, my queue of projects overflows, but I'm very interested what a remix will turn out to be in a podfic context!
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How cool! :)

Can I piggyback onto your post and make the same offer to people? I'm very happy to have my podfics remixed! Here are podfics I both wrote and recorded (there's one read by [personal profile] luzula in there as well, but all the others are mine). I've mostly podficced authors who are really enthusiastic about remixing and podfic and different kinds of fanworks, though, so if something else I've podded catches someone's ear, you could almost certainly remix that, too.
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I would be totally up for that, too! :)
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If this is a thing you're really interested in, it may be worth it for you to hosting a round at [community profile] multipodicity. I think Paraka's on record saying folk are welcome to do that.
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I feel like a ding-a-ling here, because I don't know what you actually mean by remixing a podfic. Could you elaborate for those of us (may only be me) that don't catch your meaning?

[thank you]
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I think this sounds like it could be really cool. If I had recorded anything I'd written myself I would definitely offer them for these kind of purposes (I mean, as it is, I'm fine with it but I guess you would need to check with the original authors that they were cool with it too? Was that the sticking point last time?)
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Ooh, audio erasure poetry sounds really cool, I can't wait to hear the results if/when you try it!

(And you've reminded me to polish up and post my experiment to AO3. :) )
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I have *no* idea how this will turn out, but it certainly sounds worth exploring. The podfics I've done are listed on my story page here. Several of them are in a series (the Chronicles) and I've recorded a couple of others of my own works, too. Including a poem, which might give you ideas! So if you can use it, go for it.
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That sounds like a good idea. It's probably something that will have to start with people who've recorded things they themselves wrote, and if it catches on, writer+podder may be easier to sign on thereafter.

It is! Looking, I think, unsurprisingly smug.
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Oh - I missed this first time around, but if you are still looking at people who have recorded their own fics, I have done this - only three fics, but here they are if you (or anyone else) would like to do something with them;

Crossed Wires
Last Minute Shopping (or Trials and Tribulations of the Pegasus Galaxy Mall)
Fill All They Bones With Aches
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[personal profile] jinkyo 2014-07-22 09:03 am (UTC)(link)
I have one self written/recorded public piece if you want:
Blanket permission statement is on my profile.