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Collaborative Podfic

Hello fellow podfic readers!

I was wondering if there might be a podfic community out there somewhere that focuses or helps readers come together in order to create collaborative podfic, either through dramatic readings or each reader taking a specific chapter.

If anyone knows of such a community, I would happily participate. If there is not, I would like to consider making a dreamwidth community that could focus on collaborative podfic (and would admittedly probably need some help to do so)!



Update: After looking around over the past +month, I decided to go ahead and make a community to promote multi-voiced podfic!

Introducing a new community...

Collaborative Podfic

Promoting the creation of multi-voice podfic.

Post ideas for new collaborative works, find open casting calls,
and explore the wider community of collaborative podfic!

[Visit us on DreamWidth]

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