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Hello fellow podfic readers!

I was wondering if there might be a podfic community out there somewhere that focuses or helps readers come together in order to create collaborative podfic, either through dramatic readings or each reader taking a specific chapter.

If anyone knows of such a community, I would happily participate. If there is not, I would like to consider making a dreamwidth community that could focus on collaborative podfic (and would admittedly probably need some help to do so)!



Update: After looking around over the past +month, I decided to go ahead and make a community to promote multi-voiced podfic!

Introducing a new community...

Collaborative Podfic

Promoting the creation of multi-voice podfic.

Post ideas for new collaborative works, find open casting calls,
and explore the wider community of collaborative podfic!

[Visit us on DreamWidth]
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I've been thinking about the differences between podfic and professional audiobooks, and especially about whether podfic is developing its own styles of reading.

I listen to both podfics and professional audiobooks, and it happens much more often that I stop listening to a professional audiobook because I don't like the style. By this I mean that the reader sounds affected in a way that annoys me. It's like they're interpreting/acting out the text in a way that doesn't match the way I think of the characters or the way I want things narrated to me. They sound professional, but not in a way that I like.

OTOH, when I stop listening to a podfic, it's most often because it fails for me on a more basic level--there's too much background noise, I can't get the volume high enough, or the reader is going too fast for me. Obviously professional audiobooks don't have these technical problems to the same extent, and so the only thing that can put me off is the style. And of course, it does happen that the reading style puts me off a podfic, but never in the same way that the style in a professional audiobook does.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? I know my own thoughts are rather vague at the moment, which is why I wanted to discuss it with others.
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Hi all, I made a post on my journal today that I thought some of you might be interested in, talking about the sexy element of podfic. Feel free to join in :)

From Roga

Apr. 28th, 2010 01:02 pm
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Roga would like to talk about re-editing and re-writing works for podficcing.

Would readers be interested in editing works for podficcing, whether for content (e.g. sex scenes), length, adding dialogue tags, etc.? Does "permission to record" cover a blanket "permission to adapt"?

How would authors feel about re-writing stories so they are easier to be read or to be understood orally? For instance, if your alien language just isn't pronounceable by human beings, or if you've written something in an experimental, visual structure.

And, Roga didn't ask this, but I would like to know, how would we, as listeners, react to getting a story that was changed from the text? How extensive would the changes have to be for you to want a heads up before you downloaded? Would you want the changes indicated in the metadata or also during the story reading?
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[ profile] seperis wrote podfic: the past in plural, read by rhicauldrie, but it's about her inability to reread her own work for years, but being able to listen to it much sooner after it's posted.
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So, one of the most interesting movies I've ever seen is Spielberg's AI. It has an absolutely amazing performance from Haley Joel Osment, a really interesting premise, engaging plot, decent writing, but it is, ultimately, a failure. The ideas meander off into meaninglessness and the ending does not bring a meaningful response to the questions posed by the beginning of the film.

But it's a film I think is really worth watching, because it wrestles with interesting ideas, both interesting in the sense of the ethical problems in the story and in the problems of storytelling and filmmaking it confronts. I think it's a great film for a critic to watch and take apart, to figure out what went wrong and why, and also to take the enjoyment from something that has some very good points, even though it is unsatisfactory overall.

So, I'm wondering if you can think of any podfics like that: a project or technique that was ambitious and intriguing, but didn't, when you get down to nuts & bolts, actually end up working. What went wrong? What could be done better next time? What is there to enjoy, even though, as a whole, the podfic is less than completely successful?

And Be One Traveler )


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