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Last week I ran into a situation where the author of one of the fics I had podficed and I discovered we had different expectations of what permission to podfic meant. Everything turned out great in the end but the author left it feeling bad that she hadn't done enough research into podfic before giving blanket permission for people to podfic her works.

As I told her, as a podficer I don't actually expect the authors I work with to know that much about podfic (in certain fandoms, I'll actually link to the Fanlore definition when I ask in case they've never heard of podfic before). If anything it should be on the podficer to explain what we expect (which is how that conversation happened).

[personal profile] revolutionaryjo took that idea in an awesome direction and wrote a Dear Author post to actually spell out what her stance was.

I think it would be an awesome idea if all podficers did this and linked to it when they ask permission to podfic. That way we're letting the author come to an informed decision over whether or not they want their story podficed and can save future awkward situations.

I was thinking we could maybe turn the comment sections of this post into a brain storming session. I just tried to write one up for myself but it's hard, espcecially since I expect a higher level of control over my podfic than [personal profile] revolutionaryjo seems to. I'm not sure how to say it without it sounding like, I don't know, like I'm demanding too much? But I also don't want to give over all control over my work.

I'm actually a contract coordinator in RL; that's probably the wrong kind of experience to draw on for this :S

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Last week [personal profile] zvi linked to a meta post I made in my journal and today I made a follow up post about an off-shoot conversation that was happening. Mostly it's me rambling about how I feel right now, as a podficer, and how I view the podfic community. I'd love to hear how other people feel/see things.

The Fannish Life of a Podficer: When it comes to ownership of podfic, I think it's a 75%/25% split.
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Readers: If an author gave permission to record a podfic and then later asked for it to be taken down, what would you do? (Or has it happened to you before? And if so, what *did* you do?)

Non-Readers: What do you think a reader should do in that situation?

All: If you saw a reader taking a stand against an author who had previously given permission and was now trying to have the podfic taken down, would you publicly support them?
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So, something came up in the discussion about changes that I'd like to talk about.

Is podfic for the writer, or is it an independent work of the reader?

We've got a couple of models about fanwork in fandom. There's fanfiction or fanart based on the source, which is clearly not for TPTB. And we've got art made for a particular fanfiction, which is generally presented as for the author of the fanfiction. And we've got exchange challenges, where the story written is a gift for the recipient. But we've also got prompt challenges and remix, where you're working based on story or prompt of a particular person, but it's really specifically not a gift.

Where does podfic fall in that spectrum? And, because of where it falls in the spectrum, should the authors whose work is being read treat it as a gift, or as an independent fanwork that they criticize to the extent/in the same manner as they would anything else?

We only have one more discussion question left from the 3w4w blitz, so if there's some podfic meta you'd like to bring up, please leave a discussion prompt


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