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I just want to emphasize that , for the benefit of discussion, you are all welcome to point to specific recordings as negative examples of particular recording or reading techniques. It's my firm belief that if everyone can hear the same file, we can better clarify whether or not our opinions of the technique under discussion are similar or different.

I realize that many people have difficulty pointing to a particular work and saying, "That was done poorly," particularly in an artform with a brief history and fairly high barriers to entry. Therefore, I'm asking that any readers who feel comfortable doing so, comment here to explicitly assure people ahead of time that their podfic may be used as a negative example.

I would also like to assure readers that not having mastered a particular technique and being used as an example of its poor execution does not mean that you are a bad reader who sucks at all of the other techniques that make up reading and recording. All it means is that this particular thing you did did not work for some of those who listened to that particular recording.


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