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Apr. 28th, 2010 01:02 pm
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Roga would like to talk about re-editing and re-writing works for podficcing.

Would readers be interested in editing works for podficcing, whether for content (e.g. sex scenes), length, adding dialogue tags, etc.? Does "permission to record" cover a blanket "permission to adapt"?

How would authors feel about re-writing stories so they are easier to be read or to be understood orally? For instance, if your alien language just isn't pronounceable by human beings, or if you've written something in an experimental, visual structure.

And, Roga didn't ask this, but I would like to know, how would we, as listeners, react to getting a story that was changed from the text? How extensive would the changes have to be for you to want a heads up before you downloaded? Would you want the changes indicated in the metadata or also during the story reading?
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I'd be interested in talking about podbook covers. I know I'd always expect the reader to be on there, but most podbook covers only have author and title. So now i'm feeling kinda egotistical to put my name on my podfics, but, in a way, the reader is the creator of that particular fanwork, right? So shouldn't her name be on there?


Feb. 20th, 2010 09:16 pm
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What kind of metadata/id4 tags do you guys wish podficcers would use? Are you retagging stuff after you download? If you podfic, what tagging scheme do you use?

The one thing I really wish people would do which I'm really not seeing is, if they record a series, I wish they would tag all of the parts as belonging to one album and set the track numbers so the series plays in order.

Some other stuff I long for: the reader to be set as the artist (I usually set the author as the composer). The genre to be set to speech, which makes my mp3 player more likely to recognize something as an audiobook. Something to be put in the URL field, either the amplificathon announcement, the audiofic archive listing, or a text version of the story.

What would make podfic work better on your listening device of choice?
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While I just argued that the act of podficcing adds "fannish value" to a work, I'm unsure that readers must obtain an OK from the writer to make a recording.

Since I'm a newbie, I did some research. While I don't think it's possible for a podfic to fundamentally change a source in the same way, I started with remixes, since there's the same "permission" issue there. It seems most remix challenges are based on a mutual remix: by participating in writing, each fan also permits their work to be remixed (with one "safe" work held inviolate).

The Fanlore Wiki told me:
 begin quote 
Though remixing in both fanfiction and vidding has become enormously popular, not all fans embrace the concept. [... snip ...] Though some fans feel any story is fair game for remixing, others believe that permission should be gained from the author first before using their work as a jumping-off point. Many fans feel it's hypocritical to reuse the original creations of the copyright holders in the canon while protesting that anyone should be allowed to remake their fanworks.
 quote ends 

Current metadata don't state whether the podfic's reader has the writer's permission. Would the absence, permission or refusal of writer's OK change how you'd choose or read podfics?
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What sorts of headings do you want the reader to read aloud in podfic? How do you feel about readers' notes? What do you think of readers adding metadata that isn't strictly readers' notes, like a warning or adding pairing information to a fic that was posted without it? If the reader is going to include metadata, does it need to go at the front of the story, or might it be better at the end? What about having it in a separate mp3 file so you can listen to it the first time and then skip it always? Does any/all of the metadata need to be repeated for every file (you know, do we need the announcement, "The most awesomest fanfic ever, by SuperFanWriter, read by PodficsTheBest, Part 3"?)


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