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[personal profile] paraka has organized the Podfic Critical Feedback Exchange. Any participants in that exchange are welcome to post their work here, if they so choose.

As participants have just gotten their assignments, I wonder how y'all are planning to evaluate the feedback. (Also, [community profile] amplificathon's amplirecathon is kicking off.)

So, let's talk a little bit about what information is useful in a review of podfic. Do you want to know about the reader's accent? Do you wish people would talk about how well the reader embodies the different characters or the voice of the narrator? Has the volume been properly mastered? (← watch zvi throw around technical terms she only sort of understands!) Speaking of technical terms, is it helpful when a reviewer uses technical terms or not?

I realize that there have been few if any podfic reviews to date (and precious few recs), so, in some sense, I suppose, we'll be projecting, rather than working from what we know works. But that's okay.

(P.S. If you've noticed that I keep posting to the comm every two days or so, that's not an accident. I'm hoping you guys will start kicking in with questions that you'd like the comm to chew over, but until then, I shall keep priming the discussion pump.)


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