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[community profile] welovepodfic is starting soon and it reminded me that I've been meaning to link to the post I wrote for [community profile] pod_aware this year about feedback, and never did.

The post was born as a write-up/continuation of a Twitter discussion where someone asked for concrete tips on the kind of feedback podficcers appreciated, and contains my own preferences and thoughts on the subject, especially as a non-native podficcer:

Pod-Aware meta: story love, body love, performance love

All comments welcome! :)
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Hola. I've been discussing podfic and feedback for a few days in my journal (well, mostly there's only one public entry before today's), then today I made a big one that's intended as a brainstorm slash howto for podfic makers who wish to perhaps encourage people to leave them more feedback for their work.

I thought it could be interesting to link it here, even though the second part, unwritten yet, (brainstorm slash howto for listeners who would like to get better at giving feedback for podfic) might end up more relevant to this community especially.

You can find it here on my journal. :)
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I was wondering how useful it is for podficers to have listeners point out when they've made a mistake?
I know with fic many author's are ok with having typos or spelling errors pointed out, but how useful is it for podficers? It's a lot easier to edit an LJ entry then it is to go back and edit a podfic then re-upload and all that.
I could see it being really useful if it's a mistake they're likely to repeat in the future, like mispronouncing a common word or fandom specific term. But what if it's just a one off mistake?

As a follow up question, will mistakes stop you from listening to a podfic? Either by making you stop or by stopping you from listening to it again.

Personally, in the last two days I've re-listened to podfics that had mispronunciation errors. In one fic it's of a fandom specific term. I haven't really examined if that has made me listen to the podfic less, although the word is used often and I haven't listened to the podfic as often as my love of the fic should cause. In the second case, it's a podfic I really love, but a podficer I love and it's a one off word unlikely to ever come up in her other podfics, however it bothers me so much that I started cringing 5 minutes before the mistake happened in anticipation, the mistake was memorable enough for me to be able to anticipate it 5 minutes in advance and it prompted me to make this post.
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Podfic reader: Nny
Podfic details: Ways to Die in the Pegasus Galaxy by Crysothemis
Fandom: SGA
Pairing / Rating: John/Rodney, NC-17
Links: Podfic here Original story: here

Feedback )

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Amplirecathon is making me think about podfic, feedback, and me. Or, more accurately, about how much I love podfic and how that love is in no way represented by the amount of feedback (read: very, very little) I have left for podfic readers or the authors of stories I have discovered through podfic.

My process for listening to podfic goes something like this: I download a story from the archive or from a link on a podfic community. I close the download tab. I load the story on to my ipod. Then, hours or days later, I listen to the story as I'm riding on or waiting for a bus. Or maybe doing dishes or folding laundry. In any event, I listen to the story when I am far away from my computer, and even if I'm not physically so far away from my computer, I've already clicked away from or closed the page which tells me where I can leave feedback for the author or the reader. And I am lazy, so I don't usually think about going back to look for it when I have the opportunity.

I am contrasting this process with that of reading fanfic, where if I am moved by a story when I finish it, I can click a button and let the author know how I feel right then and there.

So, I want to know: what do y'all do? Have you come up with a successful strategy for leaving feedback that doesn't feel unduly labor-intensive? Have you given up on direct feedback in favor of recs? If you do go back and leave podfic feedback, does it feel strange to do so at a remove from your immediate response? Am I missing something totally obvious that will make my feedback-leaving life ten times easier?


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