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Statement of Purpose

This community is for podfic meta -- what's an effective way to use music, are certain stories more podficcable than others, what tagging data is good and where should it go, for instance -- and podfic reviews. The goal is not to come to a single consensus about what makes a good podfic, but to articulate and debate aesthetic theories about podfic, in the same way that we articulate and debate aesthetic theories about television shows, music, movies, and, to a sadly lesser extent, fanfiction and other fanactivity.

This community is not for concrit or recommendations; those are valuable, but they also lead the discussion to a really producer-centered place. This comm is for those who like meta discussion and podfic, without regard to whether they read, edit, or listen.
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[personal profile] lomedet 2010-01-14 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)

The existence of this community may just be the impetus I need to transfer my thoughts on 'Podfic: What Works For Me' from my paper journal to the virtual kind.
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I'm really looking forward to seeing conversations here! Glad you started it up.
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Have you ever seen m *not* add my opinions??? :L)

As long as i don't see my comments show up on google...you have that blocked for the com, right? [I tend to avoid places that don't block...]
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Oh, OK. That's good to know. Consider me out of public entries then (sorry!)
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I can't wait for discussion to kick into gear here.


(Anonymous) 2011-01-28 01:47 am (UTC)(link)
How do you feel about non-native speakers recording a podfic?

Like, I'm playing with the thought of doing this fic, but English is not my native tongue. I don't think my pronunciation sucks *that* much, but still...
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Re: Question!

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I like it! There are lots of established podficcers who have English as a second or other language. Individuals can be picky about accents - lots of people won't listen to me reading for American fandoms, and I can't argue with that, but then other people are happy enough to ignore my British accent. Some people will find your accent distracting, others won't mind, others will actively love it.
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Hey, so there's a podfic conversation going on here that I've been following all day. I'm not sure if it counts as meta or feeding the trolls at this point so I thought I might mention it here at let someone not as close to it as I am decide :-/ and possibly make a post about it to the comm.