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Podfic remixy sort of thing

I am wondering if anyone has taken podfics that have already been recorded and taken snippets and turned it into a new story.  I just made my first podfic with music and, to be totally honest, I would have done something completely different (and may still yet) if I hadn't felt constrained by the conventions of what I've seen.  I'd love to play with other people's voices and words, to mash it up and make something new.

Also, anyone know about American copyright laws and if using a couple seconds of a song in a podfic is a copyright violation? I figured that it wouldn't be because I know you can do that with vidding, but now I'm all in a twist about it because dh thought it was a copyright violation. 

(Mods, not sure if it's ok to post this question here, so I'm happy to delete if it's not. Thanks!)
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I know that [personal profile] sylvaine has taken 2 stories and merged them into one podfic (link), but I think the merging was done during the preparation or recording parts of the process, not after the fact.

I've never remixed podfics, but I think it would be a fun exercise! Expanding horizons and pushing the boundaries is AWESOME. \o/ [personal profile] klb and I have discussed (in vague terms; I haven't had time/energy to pursue in more depth) the possibility of creating a podfic-remix challenge, which sounds similar to your idea. (The teacher in me is now tempted to sit back and watch you go so I'll have an example to show people, heh.)

In short: I say go for it! I would love to see what you come up with.

(You are welcome to take anything I've recorded and use it, btw. I don't think we're in the same fandoms, but maybe something will be useful. ^__^)
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That is not one of my kinks, so no. Sorry! I do know I have seen watersports podfic on my flist at some point, though.

I don't know about music and copyright for podfic. I'm trying to remember the Fair Use rules. I think it's something like up to 10% of the musical work, not to exceed 30 seconds. But don't quote me on that. *hands*
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I haven't done it, but I've been dying to see it done!
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You're a podficcer after my own heart! I did this, partly on a Twitter dare from [personal profile] eosrose, and wrote up all my notes for it and then never posted it on my blog. *facepalm* It's a 45-second story that contains clips from 6 different podfics I've done from 5 different fandoms:

It was both harder and easier to do than I thought. I'll post my process on my blog this week, promise!
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Yep, they're all my own recordings -- mostly so that I could create it quickly at the time, but with the added benefits of already having both the file versions of the stories to read through easily as well as all the uncompressed audio files with the same settings. I've thought about remixes with source material from different readers, which would really be cool, but got distracted by other projects. :)
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Thanks, glad you got a kick out of it!

I posted my write-up at my journal here. Good luck, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
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Re copyright: Vidders are actually making a fairly complex argument about transformativity that isn't afaik the percentage clause. Music in particular is really bad about how little they'll permit. if you are interested, i'd be happy to link to some of the work that's been done on the issue re vids.

For podficcers that means that you'd have to make a transformativity argument (you can't just use it to set the mood so to speak but actually the music needs to be transformed as far as I understand it), and that would actually be doable'd have to make it! I had some fic get a notice on MF and was thinking about fighting it, talked to one of the OTW lawyers, and then I realized that i'd have to do all that under my RL name. And frankly I try very hard to separate my RL and pod name, so that meant iu wasn't doing it and just left it off.

Re remixing other readers' podfic: it seems like you'd have to deal with two previous creators and their consent. You can probably assume that most podficcers would be fine except then again you'd think most fanficcers would be fine, right?

What puzzles me a bit is that you may be creating something that isn't podfic per se any more. I mean, we already have the different voices that a main editor in a collab splices together, but the result is still an auditory reflection of an existing fic. When you create something entirely new, wouldn't we need another name for that?

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If the original stories are recognizable, or cited, in your creation then the ethical thing to do is contact the authors of the fics for permission. I would err on the side of caution in this.

For example, I personally disapprove of RPF - I think it's a form of cyber-stalking, even cyber-rape (it's forced on them without the opportunity to say no). Fictional characters may be fair game, but actors, singers, and sports figures are real people and are entitled to their own persons. I would be delighted to have a story I wrote podficced, but really distressed if that podfic was then remixed into a RPF.

If an author gives permission for a podfic recording it may be well-done or badly done, but at least the author knows the story won't be changed. Remixing opens up a whole new kettle of fish and could easily result in very unhappy authors if it isn't done with respect for all who are involved (and therefore damage the podficcing community as a whole).

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I'm sure you didn't consider this potential effect of your choice of language here, but I thought I should let you know that equating RPF with rape can be incredibly triggering to some rape survivors, as it trivializes their very real experiences. You're welcome to disapprove of RPF, but it is not rape and it is not comparable to rape, even in a musing, abstract way. Because rape is something that actually happens to people, and even if it's happened to you and you don't feel triggered by this comparison, your experience is not universal and your inappropriate comparison is not any less hurtful.
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I think it depends on how it gets edited -- clips of a word or two reassembled to say something different wouldn't need permission from the original authors because you're not actually using their phrasing.