May. 6th, 2013

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I am wondering if anyone has taken podfics that have already been recorded and taken snippets and turned it into a new story.  I just made my first podfic with music and, to be totally honest, I would have done something completely different (and may still yet) if I hadn't felt constrained by the conventions of what I've seen.  I'd love to play with other people's voices and words, to mash it up and make something new.

Also, anyone know about American copyright laws and if using a couple seconds of a song in a podfic is a copyright violation? I figured that it wouldn't be because I know you can do that with vidding, but now I'm all in a twist about it because dh thought it was a copyright violation. 

(Mods, not sure if it's ok to post this question here, so I'm happy to delete if it's not. Thanks!)


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